Monday, March 14, 2011

Fake or Not

            I really love the scent of Victoria’s Secret body mist especially the Pear Glace. I got my first Victoria’s Secret Body Mist when I was in High school when I asked my father to buy me a Happy Clinique Perfume. My father also bought original Victoria’s Secret Body Mist as a present. Until now I haven’t emptied the Body Mist my father given me even though it was almost 6 years ago when he gave it to me. The truth is I’m not fun of perfume and cologne that is why I assure you that I can have a bottle of perfume for ten years. I’m not an organoleptic person but I’m particular to the scent and to the quality, so even in a mere looking I know if it’s an original or not.
            Today, there are many people selling imitation products in the market. Some just put their friendly smile and their charisma that can attract costumer to buy the product. If you are not a keen observer and easily influences by the commercialism and marketing strategy, you will be drown and buy the product. Let us face it; we consumers are easily influence by the label and the smile. With a small sales talk we are likely to buy all the items in the mall. I can’t blame you all for being a kind hearted and also blinded by what is on the outside.
 I’m also unluckily becoming a victim of buying second best items. I can say that I’m always attracted to buy so called imitation goods from China and Thailand because of the price. Who can resist to buy a goods that is half the price? But when you get older you definitely need to be wiser. And because I’m not getting younger, quality also is my top choice in buying personal things. So even I invest on the shoes that are twice the price, I’m buying it because I can wear it for three to five years (Or even forever if you are careful in walking and jumping).
Recently my mom has a friend who is selling Victoria’s Secret Body Mist for only three hundred pesos almost half the price compares to mall. I’m shock I definitely think that it is an imitation goods because my mom said that it is Singapore made products. Singapore products? I know that there are many sale perfumes at Singapore but all the perfume and body cologne are imported from the USA and not made in Singapore. I told my mom that if it’s a fake one then we will not buy it. But my mom is really a kind hearted one she bought one dozen Victoria’s Secret Body Mist. So to wrap it up, I told her that if it is imitation we will not buy again any product from her friend and we will just sell the cologne or just give it as a present.
So after getting the Victoria’s Secret Body Mist, me and my sister Quenie decided to examine the cologne. We observe the packaging and the scent. And we realize the Victoria’s Secret Body Mist my mom bought is an imitation. The following reasons are the proof it is imitation: (I actually search it in the net and also observe it to the original Victoria’s Secret me and my sister own versus the fake one):
Cap: The original has a clear cap compare to the fake that is blurred or tinted.
Sprayer: The original shimmers while the fake only shines.

Fake vs Original
Fake vs Original
The Tube:  The tube of the original Victoria’s Secret is clear and slim and has a metal ball below the spring while the fake one has a wide tube, not clear and doesn’t have a metal ball below the spring.

Below the Bottle: The original has bulge part in the center and there is a rainbow shape groove in the bottom part that has a hump when you touch the mid part of the groove while the fake one only has a groove that is just flat. Also there is a rainbow shape groove in the bottom part but doesn’t have a hump in the middle of the rainbow shape groove.

Fake vs. Original
Original: Has a bulge or hump at the bottom part.
Font: Original Victoria’s Secret has a clear and fix font packaging while the fake one sometimes can be erase by a simple fingernail scratch.

The smell: The smell of the original has a mild scent but can last even you wash it with water while the fake one has a strong scent but doesn’t last for 15 minutes.

      Now, I realize that we should be aware of what we buy especially that there are many imitation goods in the market. Some of the seller telling lies that their products are original when in fact it is just an imitation. We consumers are becoming a victim of this commercialism but with enough knowledge about the product and keen observing we can say NO more to lies and hypocrite smiles.
      So before buying please think twice or should I say think several times before buying because if we do the thinking we can save not just the quality we want but also our money.

For more information how to distinguish fake Victoria’s Secret Body Mist to the original visit:


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  2. the victoria's secret secret charm that i bought has all the features of original one except that it has no metal ball below the spring and the price is just the same of the original.. is it fake?

  3. mine too, but i guess the one i bought is the latest packaging as the bottle's shape is not round...